Ultra Fast Service

Senior Referrals is a unique, ultra fast, state-of-the-art service where you can immediately identify, view, compare (including cost & availability) and select the communities most consistent with your needs and desires.

Senior Referrals has developed Wisconsin's only contiuously updated computerized/digitized database for senior care & housing in Southeastern Wisconsin. There is no longer a need to limit your search to just three or four communities using a resource guide or the internet, then spend days or weeks calling around for information and riding around to view communities. Our database contains comprehenssive, in-depth information on all services, amenities, current costs, interior & exterior photos, floor plans and current availability at each community...all immediately availabie to you for selecting your best options, usually in less than one hour...

One, a highly experienced senior care and housing consultant will assist you by conducting
a "needs assessment" to help you select your best option from the ten different types of communities availabe to you. The object is to select the type of community which will
provide all of your needs & desires, but also the most cost efficient.

Two, upon completion of the needs assessment, all your community
options based on the type of
community right for you and the
geographic location you desire will be displayed on a large monitor. You can
then compare your options in depth,
take a visual tour of each community,
and quickly and easily select your best options.

Three, We will then arrange for a personal visit to these communities, the same day if necessary, to make the final selection.

Can't come to our office...call us and we will arrange to meet in your home,
hospital or nursing home.

No limited searches, no calling around for information, no driving around to view communities and you personally select the communities you feel best serve your needs. A unique, state-of-the-art service provided cost free to senior adults on behalf of Wisonsin's largest network for senior care and housing.

To use this service call 414-325-3400.